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After getting back from Bruges I had only three days at work before breaking up for Christmas. At the weekend I went to a friend's birthday meal at Malina, a Polish restaurant in Hammersmith. The food was tasty, massive, and fairly good value for money given how much of it there was.

I used my first week off work to continue editing my book. I'm about a chapter away from finishing the first half of the novel, and I'll finish that off this coming weekend.

On the Tuesday of that week I met up with Emily to go ice skating at an ice rink set up in the grounds of the Tower of London. It was much busier than the one in Bruges Markt square, but the quality of ice was better. My main gripe was the rudeness of the staff. However it was lovely to be able to look up at the Tower of London on one side, and out to the Thames on the other. We walked back to London Bridge station over Tower Bridge.

On the Wednesday I went into London in the evening to meet up with Emily and Stu, who was visiting family in the UK for Christmas. We ate at a place near Leicester Square called the Stock Pot, which served delicious food. Their Christmas menu was in place, and we all went for that given the chocolate log dessert option. I had salmon for my main course.

I went down to Hampshire with Emily to visit her mum for Christmas. We went to see a play in the village hall by a group called Forest Forge, a group of four actors who played different parts throughout the performance. It was really well done, professional quality, and I got a free mince pie because Emily's mum was providing the half-time snacks!

I went back to my parents on Christmas Eve, taking some mistletoe freshly cut from trees in Emily's mum's garden. My parents were very impressed - given how freely it was growing in the area, it surprised me to find out that it could cost £2 per sprig at this time of year.

For Christmas my parents got me some DVDs and some fudge, my brother got me the Alien quad Bluray boxset, and Emily gave me some gloves and an awesome colourful duvet cover and duvet.

Emily joined me at my parents' on the night before my birthday. For my birthday we went for a walk in Eynsford, which was lovely. Due to all the rain the ford over the river was the highest I've seen it, so we used the bridge instead. We ate at the Maharajah indian restaurant in Bexley in the evening. My parents bought me a bread loaf tin, my brother gave me The Thick of It series 4 on DVD, and Emily is going to take me Segway rally racing! She also got me a world map for my wall, so we can plot where to visit next, and had baked me an amazing chocolate fudge cake with a Happy Birthday python script piped onto the top.

Dad gave us a lift back to my place on Sunday after we'd been for a lovely walk around Joyden's wood together, and we ended the year as we started it: kissing at midnight while watching a panorama of firework displays at the top of the hill in Dartford.

Since it's the end of the year, here are just a few of my favourite photos from 2012:

Hampstead Heath in the snow. We built a snow dalek.

Ingress Abbey, Kent.

Canterbury, Kent.

Cows saying hello outside our hotel in Amsterdam.

Watching the Transit of Venus early in the morning.

The William Morris Red House, Bexleyheath.

Coloured sand on the Southbank.

Bouncy Stonehenge!

Climbing Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.

Lindisfarne Abbey.

Putting our feet up in a hammock.

Remains of the Berlin Wall.

We swam in the Danube, Vienna.

We got a cabin to ourselves on an old heritage train journey.

The non-bouncy Stonehenge, Autumn Equinox.

EMF Camp (The Nerd Festival)

Oxleas Woods, Falconwood.

Apple Bobbing at Hallowe'en.

Two quick day trips to Bristol.

Wonderful Bruges.

Emily's cat Mega trying to steal my porridge.


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