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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 21:14
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In the remainder of Feburary I visited Amsterdam, celebrated Emily's and Emily's mum's birthdays, and did actual University assignments for the Kiruna course! (2006 Nick would probably be having a fit if I'd gone back in time to pass on the information that I was still doing coursework in 2017 :p)


I came back to work after returning from Kiruna to find out that the company I work for had bought out a competitor and wanted me to travel out the next day to attend some getting-to-know-you meetings. I tacked on a couple of days of holiday to see Bertram and Alyssa, and while I was out there also managed to meet [livejournal.com profile] atob for the first time! (Quote of the evening: "I hate it when people are Hitler.")

I very nearly missed my flight out to Amsterdam; after having been booked on a very early flight with not as much of a time buffer I'd normally leave myself, I alighted the first mainline train of the morning and descended into the tube to discover this:

(Literally the only photo I took outside of Sweden this month, sorry!)

While a tube engineering train was a treat for Train Nerd Nick, Getting to the Airport Nick was a little panicked. But I arrived fashionably on time at the airport, getting to the gate just a minute or two before boarding began.


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