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January 2017

In the first three weeks of January I walked in the snow at night, wanged some wellies, and stayed at Tixall Gatehouse in Staffordshire.

Landmark Trust weekend, Tixall Gatehouse

This year's January Landmark Trust visit was to Tixall Gatehouse, the only remaining part of Tixall Hall, which is known for having been used to detain Mary Queen of Scots prior to her execution.

The novelty of this stay was that there were two single bedrooms in the tiny turrets on the second floor (along with more conventional bedding on the first floor). Also on the second floor was a ping pong table, which we used to have a tournament.

Above that was the roof, which had some great views and where one of the turrets housed a huge bell which chimed at certain times of the day.


It snowed, as it sometimes does in Britain in the winter, and I went out for a late evening walk to get some photos.

I also recreated the tiny snowman I made when I first visited Elmstead Woods as part of the Green Chain Walk when I was living in Dartford.

Welly wanging

We threw wellies in Emily's mum's garden to see what the fuss was about. From Emily's twitter:

Welly wanging awards: Mum got one to stand upright, Nick hit the fence, I did a stylish overhead of negative distance, and Tim won overall.