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flexo ([personal profile] flexo) wrote2017-07-02 01:12 pm

December 2016

Here's what I did in December 2016.

Landmark Trust weekend, East Grinstead

Emily, Tim, Pete, Matt, and I stayed at Sackville House, a Tudor house on the high street of East Grinstead. It had a beautiful long garden and was very cosy.

We played hide and seek and Dungeons and Dragons. We also visited the nearby heritage railway, which had a Santa Special. Santa was a little overworked and late-running, so the return journey was, in the words of the driver, "spirited." Sparks and embers raced past our window in the dark.


I accompanied my parents for a walk in Meldon, Dartmoor, which was a very pretty walk full of gorse, reservoirs, streams and tall bridges.


I also visited Glastonbury village and tor with Emily and her mum. It was surprisingly high up and there was a lovely mist rising from the valleys.

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