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November 2016

Mum visited us for a few days, we completed the last ClueQuest escape room, attended the Tower of London Ceremony of the Keys, and spent a week in the picturesque Azores, which is what I'll focus on here.


Emily and I visited Flores for four days in the middle of our week-long holiday. To get to Flores you have to fly from one of the other islands in a little plane and according to the internet the flights could often be delayed for days due to local weather conditions.

Fortunately we were fine both ways, though I can't say we would have minded if we'd had to stay over another night. Flores really is a beautiful island, and we weren't even visiting while the hydrangeas that lined every road were in bloom.

The island itself is barely more than 10km west to east, and we stayed in a gorgeous little cabin owned by a Scottish expat couple in the village of Fajã Grande, the westernmost settlement. The village had a lovely little corner shop that took our order for fresh bread each day.

We saw possibly two other tourists for the whole time we were on the island, possibly except for the flights there and back, though the majority of the passengers seemed to be locals.

At the top of the volcanic island are two lakes, Lagoa Rasa & Lagoa Funda. One appears black and the other appears green.

The other attractions on the island are mostly along walking trails.

Abseilling down waterfalls

The highlight of Flores was the canyoning trip we booked. We booked with Westcanyon which is run by an experienced canyoneer who had just got back from Switzerland doing roughly the same thing (but colder!) with friends for fun.

We were the only two people on the tour, which always makes it more enjoyable (he expected us to be his last customers for the year) and he had a waterproof camera which we received the photos and videos from over email a few days later. So here are a few of them!

And here is the last EVER photo of my glasses, and of the waterfall that ate them.

Fortunately it was the last waterfall and I had a backup pair in my bag back down the road!

Sao Miguel

Here's some of the things we did on the main island of Sao Miguel:

Botanic garden:

Europe's only tea plantation:

Naturally heated waterfall:


Naturally heated orange swimming pool (it stains!):

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