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Saturday, 9 July 2016 15:30
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Bluebells were out in Elmstead Woods when I got back from Japan, and I did a few other things too.

Glass blowing

I met up with Mum in London, who was rabbit-sitting for my brother that weekend. We had lunch on Southbank, then walked to Southwark to see a glass blowing demonstration in a shop with furnace on-premises.

It ended up being a much better demonstration to the one I saw on Murano, during an off-season visit to Venice.

Mysterious breakfast things

I had some old gulab jamun mix that was a present at some point but which Emily and I weren't very keen on making, so I decided to turn what was basically a dry flour mix into some chocolate muffins by adding some yeast and sugar to the mixture, letting it rise with some chocolate in each muffin case, and baking them.

They were edible, but I wouldn't make them again!

Dark Room

We met up with Pete, Matt and Tim to see The Dark Room, an audience-participation text adventure game, written and presented by a comedian, at the Udderbelly on Southbank.

It was pretty funny in places, though relied a little too much on audience participation, and the audience members the dungeon master picked weren't great choices.

Green Chain Walk: Penge East to Nunhead

I walked another section of the Green Chain Walk while Emily was out competing in a yacht race (Edit: she was actually in Taiwan that weekend), finally completing all the sections of the network that I cared to do.

Seeing the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace park is always nice, and the Horniman museum gardens are always pleasant to walk around too. With one exception of a small wooded area, the rest of the "green" places on the walk were graveyards, and active ones at that, which isn't the sort of place I feel very eager to spend time in.


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