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Tuesday, 3 May 2016 08:50
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I got back from Japan on Sunday night and I shall be sorting out my photos from that shortly. In the meantime, I need to catch up with my March entry, which is quite a short one.

Vegan meringues

I found out -- I can't remember how -- that chickpea brine exhibits the same properties as egg white when whisking, and the term 'aquafaba' has been coined for it. Eager to experiment in the kitchen, I put this to the test.

And because I'm that way inclined, I volunteered Emily's friend Tim to undertake a double blind taste test to see if they measured up to the eggy type.

I used this recipe (with Sainsbury's chickpeas), and one with the same proportion of sugar for the egg ones.

The chickpea brine smelled like tuna. This smell evaporated off after cooking, but was quite assaulting to begin with. We got 125g of the stuff from the can, which made about 20 meringues.

It turns out this is an awful lot of liquid but eventually it started frothing and whitening.

I cooked them along with three meringues from egg white. One of the meringues in the following photo is eggy, the other two are aquafaba. As you can see, they look identical. The aquafaba ones were, however, noticably less heavy.

I put one of each on two plates, put an unlabelled post-it note on one, and gave the plates to Emily to take out to Tim, staying hidden myself. He was suspicious.

Other than the weight, Tim couldn't find anything else to differentiate them. He guessed the egg ones were the aquafaba ones, so based on this I'd call them functionally equivalent.

With a bit of coconut cream, you could even make a vegan Eton Mess.

The leftover chickpeas went in a chickpea and smoked paprika calzone, if I recall correctly.


I visited my parents for Easter, who were also joined by my brother and my cousins. My dad had put together a quiz of Budleigh Salterton, and we spent the morning hunting around the village for clues, such as the number of ice creams on sale and the (supposed!) number of steps on a footpath. Everyone got a chocolate prize :)

Hot cross buns

I also made hot cross buns, which were good if a little overcooked.

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