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In December we enjoyed the Southbank Christmas Market, where we found amazing Macaroni Cheese and chai tea, and saw several exhibitions, before I went to my parent's place for Christmas.

Mist and astrophotography

We went to the Wellcome Collection's exhibition of State of Mind, which was a large mist-filled room with different coloured lighting as you moved around. It sounded cool enough but when we went there it was even better, with everything reduced down to colour tones, and having to move around slowly so as not to bump into the wall.

We enjoyed it so much we actually went back the next weekend, making sure we were first in. This time the mist was even thicker; I couldn't even see my feet.

When we left the room it was weird to have full use of our eyes and ears back.

Also in the Wellcome Collection that day was a Tibetan Monks exhibition which we had a look at too.

We then headed over to Greenwich Observatory, where the Astrophotographer of the Year gallery is being shown again. It was good to see all the images backlit in a dark room, and we picked up a poster of our favourite afterwards.

Celts and roller disco

We visited the British Museum's Celts exhibition which had a lot of archaeological finds and other historical artefacts, and then we went to a pop-up roller-disco on Southbank, in which I think we may have been the oldest people there! We had fun none-the-less. On the way there we found the Christmas market outside the Tate and went on the carousel there, and Emily bought a nice leaf-covered diary.

Budleigh Salterton Christmas swim

Unfortunately I didn't take part in the Christmas day wild swim this year, but it looked fun enough that I will be seriously considering it next time I'm at my parents' for Christmas!


For my birthday we visited Haytor in Dartmoor, and had a good walk around the rocks, into an old quarry and along some very old stone railway lines.

Afterwards we drove to Widecombe-in-the-Moor where we had fish-and-chips for lunch at The Old Inn.

Railway walk

Emily and I found a nice walk near my parents house along the route of an old train line, then back through some woodland. On the way back there was a lovely double-rainbow.

New Year's Eve

For New Year, we went over to Emily's friends Pete and Matt's place, where we played board games, watched some TV, and then the fireworks on the TV too. A nice relaxed way to end the year!

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