Saturday, 26 January 2013

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I went to see 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Prince Charles Cinema with Emily and Tim at the start of the month. Emily had never seen it before, while I was excited to see the film on the big screen for the first time. The chimps at the start were less tedious than I remembered, and the portal to where-ever the hell at the end looked fantastic. Half way through there was an intermission, possibly because the PCC had acquired an old copy of the film with the Intermission card edited in!

Emily had discovered that a museum in Paris, the Musée du Quai Branly, had a modern Australian Aboriginal art exhibition that was finishing soon, so we decided to visit Paris for a long weekend.

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During the next week, my place in Dartford finally got an offer on it, and by the weekend the sale was confirmed. I was looking at houses on Rightmove from then onwards, but there wasn't much listed that I liked the look of.

At the weekend, I decided to go out for a walk somewhere to make the most of the snowfall, and decided to walk part of the Green Chain Walk, a connected series of woods and open spaces in South East London. I decided on the stretch from Elmstead Woods station to Mottingham station, through Elmstead Wood and a few other parks and places.

It was very nice walk, and I made a little snowman!

Seeing the area so piqued my curiosity about what properties were available nearby, after finding out that Elmstead Woods station would be a viable commute option that I'd missed when considering only the three lines to Dartford. As it happened, there was one place for sale that caught my eye. And I have now bought it! No contracts signed yet but the survey's being done on Tuesday. Apparently these sorts of things take about two or three months to progress to the moving date. So, that's exciting!

Today I did another stretch of the Green Chain Walk, this time from Eltham railway station to Abbey Wood station. Abbey Wood (the actual woodland) is much nicer than I was expecting, and I only got a little bit lost trying to get from one end of it to another. In the middle, at the top of a hill, is some ancient heathland, which was really pretty.

At 7km, it's about the longest walk I've done for a while. I have been having another round of physiotherapy after deciding that the previous physiotherapist's advice wasn't doing anything for me. The physio I'm seeing now seems to be much better, and has given me 5-10 minutes of exercises to do each day to build up muscle to help my kneecap track properly. I'm optimistic that it's making a difference. At the very least I've been able to scrap the annoying patellar bands (knee straps) that I've been wearing out for the last year.

Aaaaand finally:

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