Sunday, 13 August 2017 18:30
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I had an awesome time on Friday night at Marioke - karaoke but with the words rewritten to be about games! Danced to and sung along to songs about various games and people, including Sid Meier and Civilization, Peter Molyneux, etc! Stood at the front, before the audience, and sang into the microphone to a version of Nirvana's Lithium that was more about games developers, and generally had an excellent time, dancing and singing along. It was so much fun!

What I did in July 2017

Wednesday, 9 August 2017 19:10
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Enlightened Bunting

I stood in a disused warehouse, which once stored rum and tobacco, amongst a crowd of mannequins, watching videos flash by.

In a Masonic temple, I wore headphones and watched a video installation about Crowley and Thelema and sex magic.

I went to the anime architecture exhibition at the House of Illustration with [personal profile] doseybat and [personal profile] pplfichi.

I ate charcoal coconut ice-cream, which was grey in a black cone, and that felt apocalyptic somehow.

I went to Hipchips with [personal profile] deathboy and ate fancy crisps, with strawberry, cream & Pimms dip, and gooseberry, elderflower & Gordon's gin dip, and smokey cheese fondue dip, and I drank a bottle of pear and rosemary drink.

I went to the New Music Biennial at the Southbank Centre and there were songs from Hull, I remember that.

I went on a tube walk from Royal Albert to Beckton Park and also visited the Newham City Farm and listened to turkeys gobble.

I went to the monthly Pub Standards and had drinks and conversations with web folk.

I played on the swing at St Pancras.

I went to see Daniel Kitson at the Roundhouse with [personal profile] deathboy.

I went through a fridge to get to the bar at the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. I also saw some of the sculptures in the city and I got confused and thought a man lying on the grass was a sculpture, when actually it was a human being. It took me a while to stop laughing after that.

I made jewellery out of concrete at a class at Craft Central.

I went to [personal profile] pir's party and it was great to talk to people there.

I went to see the Dreamers Awake – women and surrealism exhibition at the White Cube.

I ate avocado nitro ice-cream with fried corn from Chin Chin Dessert Club.

I saw Music for Solaris at the Barbican.

I gatecrashed [personal profile] deathboy's work do and played Dance Dance Revolution at Namco.

I visited the V&A with [profile] grandedgemaster one evening, for Hack. Make. Create, and an algorave was happening there.


I helped organise the Enlightened Summer BBQ. It went ahead despite the rain, and I danced to Sisters of Mercy to keep warm. I made Enlightened bunting and we draped it around and ate much halloumi. Then we played board games in a pub.

I got the Onyx trekker badge, which meant I have walked 2500km while playing Ingress!

Nine Worlds

Tuesday, 8 August 2017 07:57
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I had a wonderful time at Nine Worlds! I went on holiday to Hammersmith, stayed in a hotel there and listened to talks on classical monsters in popular culture (classical monster Barbies exist, such as Medusa Barbie, Athena Barbie, and Hitchcock's The Birds Barbie!), Mars: the journey of a lifetime (a Mars One candidate talked about their experiences), learning about sex in teen magazines (nostalgia for Just 17, learning about what people thought could prevent pregnancy, such as crisp packets, and the Yellow Pages!) , Security for beginners, Questing Time (an RPG that was played on stage), Dr Magnethands (another storytelling game, which featured a Smurf making excellent dolphin sounds!), Technology for Writers (included a discussion on buying brains in bulk from Ocado in different colours, like post-it notes; bible translated into Lolspeak, the Emoji Moby Dick, writing to defeat monsters, and chat about if things came to life in VR immediately as you wrote them, wouldn't everyone just write porn?), It's research! (Or why it's totally okay to play Dragon Age for 100+ hours when you should be writing), The future of Nine Worlds, Game design principles to reduce player toxicity (such as making cross team chat opt-in in League of Legends increased positivity), Shitting on social norms in tech: organizing events no-one else will (such as Non Binary in Tech conference, and Sex Tech Hack), Freaky fabulous – gender, disability and queer representation in Monster High, Panel Panel. I also went to a copper and bronze clay jewellery making workshop and made pendants in the shape of leaves, alien faces, Tetris blocks, etc, out of copper clay; enjoyed dancing at the disco while wearing glowing shoes; liked seeing everyone's great costumes and outfits; saw lots of people dressed as Lemmings. Thank you organisers! Also, friends who were there and reading this – It was excellent to spend time with you all! And excellent to see panels you were on/ sessions you were running / talks you were giving / etc! Apologies to those who I passed at least a few times in the corridors but didn't find time enough to chat with! Hope to see you all again soon! Let's not wait until next year. :)


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